Stuart Howe is an award-winning Director/Editor with an strong entrepreneurial mindset and a passion for storytelling. His career started in 2003 with his documentary thesis film touching the sensitive issue on the drug problems in the UK. The success of this feature documentary quickly gained himself recognition as a serious documentary filmmaker. In July 2003 at only 21 years of age he co-found his own independent media agency. His determination and diligence just after one year, won him the Business Link Entrepreneur of the Year Award (2004) while he was also shortlisted for Business of the Year (2004). With year by year continued success and working on over 1000 projects it was clear that Stuart had a unique skill and clear understanding of visual communication.

In 2008 Stuart saw a new opportunity in the market, China, but before he could enter this market he knew he needed to understand it, so he decided to take sabbatical leave. For Stuart this was the necessary two steps back, in order to go one step forward. In just one year with total immersion into the culture, he became conversationally fluent in Chinese (Mandarin), which brought him the opportunity to work with a local Chinese/American broadcast station to produce and direct a series of travel shows. He proved to himself and to those skeptical of his choice to leave the UK that he made the right decision. Asia was the place to be with a sea of opportunities. It wasn’t until 2010 that he decided to make a shift to follow his childhood dreams of filmmaking. He wanted to tell stories. Stepping away from Broadcast TV and from China he decided to go to South Korea, a place where the film industry (at the time) was booming, with box office sales from domestic films outselling foreign imports. He believed that if he could succeed in Korea as a director, he could succeed anywhere.

In June 2011, Stuart directed his first Korean Short Film, ‘Hooked’ (중독), which has since been officially selected to take part in several international film festivals, winning BEST DRAMA and GRAND PRIZE WINNER at The Smalls International Film Festival 2012 and was awarded third prize in the AUDIENCE AWARD at Premiers Courts International Festival 2011. Continuing his success, he teamed up with Nils Clauss (cinematographer, Hooked) and HyungKyung Lah (production designer, Hooked) to produce SinCity, a music video for German singer/songwriter SCHMIDT. This won GRAND JURY PRIZE in the prestigious Genero.TV SinCity Film Award competition 2011 – judged by the likes of Guy Chambers (record producer), Florian Gallenberger (Film Director), Paul Verhoeven (Film Director) and many more highly acclaimed judges.

In the summer of 2012 Stuart released his second short film, A DAY IN 1951. A war story that told a hard truth about the victims of war. The film quickly gained traction from distributors and festivals around the world and was chosen as the opening film at Cine Salon International Film Festival (2014) in Taiwan. In 2013 Stuart relocated to Hong Kong where he is currently based. His clientele includes prestigious companies such as Ogilvy & Mather, Hogarth, Nike, IBM, Shang-ri La, Philips, Huawei and many more. His understanding of visual communication, his advanced experience in post-production and his passion for storytelling are why clients keep coming back for more